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Swords of Good Men: The Valhalla Saga Book I Miękka oprawa

4,2 z 5 gwiazdek Liczba ocen: 42

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Opis produktu


There's more to Vikings than beards, blood, and axes - Snorri Kristjansson gives you the whole package. ― Mark Lawrence, bestselling author of Prince of Fools

[A] rousing Viking-themed historical fantasy . . . Kristjansson's sprawling cast of colorful characters and eye for historical detail lend this story gratifying verisimilitude ― Publishers Weekly

Very engaging - very vibrant and realistic . . . an action-filled book with a heart-stopping plot and adrenalin-fuelled battle scenes. 9.8/10 ― Fantasy-Faction

The world feels real and lived in . . . Kristjansson's humour is woven throughout the book in subtle, yet fantastic ways . . . just about everything you'd want in an epic fantasy novel. an almost unforgettable Viking saga . . . Kristjansson is a force in the genre to be reckoned with.Bookworm Blues

A debut novel [that] has blown me away. The writing is so self-assured, I was gripped from beginning to end. I'm a little bit in awe, but rest assured I'll be keeping an eye out for this author's next novel.Highly recommendedThe Eloquent Page

Very much in the vein of David Gemmell, it's a Viking fantasy with a style not unlike Joe Abercrombie. The prose is quick, accomplished and action-packed. The actual action sequences here are literally breath-taking . . . Swords of Good Men would make a brilliant action film ― Wilders Book Review

Fans of Gemmell will devour Kristjansson's books

Spec on Spec Fiction

The characters are so realistic and captivating - recommend it to anyone who likes to read a good Viking story. ― Night Owl

Kristjansson's writing was very similar to Nathan Hawke's and David Gemmell's - there is no fluff. But, more like Hawke than Gemmell, Kristjansson writes the violence with gory detail, making the action very fun to read - the kind of stuff you'd see on History's new show, Vikings ― A Bitter Draft

A cracking yarn, (one that would make a great movie), filled with enough to satisfy any fan of Vikings and their mythology. The battle scenes are a beauty to read; chaotic, frenetic, gory, and not always with the expected outcome, they should appeal to fans of heroic fantasy . . . leaves the reader hungry for moreStarburst

Sets a scorching pace, is packed with breathtaking action scenes, throws some unexpected twists in there and ends with a spectacular battle and an ending I didn't see coming. A strong debut that will please fans of Vikings, mythology, strategy and action ― Draumr Kópa

He keeps the action pretty tight, gruesome and bloody . . . great characterization and an interesting world . . . Snorri Kristjansson has pulled off a great feat with his writing ― The Book Plank

Kristjansson's characterisation is outstanding. If you like David Gemmell, you'll also like Kristjansson . . . He's not scared of a body count, and he's not afraid of a good old-fashioned cliff-hanger. His characterisation and world-building are hard to fault, and the clash of Gods within the novel is captivating ― Zoe Markham

If you like historical fiction and if you LOVE your battles and blood - may the ending surprise you as much as it did me ― Fantasy Guide

A raucous and gripping adventureZVAB.com

There are plenty of excellently realised and memorable characters here. There are warriors and witches and where there are warriors and witches, there will be warfare. There are axes, broadswords and narrow escapes. Swords of Good Men is just about everything you could possibly want and then some, from a novel about the Vikings . . . this IS different. It's powerful, wonderfully imagined and presented and I've got to admit; it feels like the real thingSpeesh Reads

A decent, bloody, action-filled fictional Viking story. It has plenty of interesting elements: Old Gods and superstition, the White Christ and black magic, berserkers and assassins,raiders and outlaws, healers and poisoners, blood and longships . . . you get the picture ― The Half-Strung Harp

A brilliant, fast-paced début . . . Snorri Kristjansson brings something amazing to the tapestry of modern fantasy fiction - the events, characters and world will stay with you whenever you're not reading. A perfect book to pick up if all your fantasy fiction reads have started to feel like variations of the same book. ― Spec On Spec Fic

An impressive debut and an engrossing tale that really shouldn't be missed. Recommended. ― Speculative Book Review

A blood great Viking tale. Snorri manages to construct an amazing fantasy novel which sets up a hopefully long series. Not for those afraid of blood (or Christians). ― Pip’s Book Reviews

A fabulous debut and a gripping read, which I enjoyed so much I found myself putting off reading the final pages because I didn't want it to end. More please!

Fantastical Librarian

A blistering debut novel. The Valhalla Saga quickly had me hooked . . . the mix of Viking lore, war and sorcery very appealing. ― Geek Planet Online

A terrific novel. If I had to sum it up in one word, that word would be "visceral". Kristjansson doesn't pad his book with fluff. In less than 300 pages, he manages to pack more story in than most writers. The battle scenes are choreographed with an eye to detail while still keeping the big picture in focus. You can hear the clang of iron on shield and the screams of the dying, feel the grip of the weapon slick with blood, smell the gore and offal, and experience the fear and betrayal.

Adventures Fantastic

There is a lot of politics, gore, religious debate, love, and much more. A complex and page-turner of a plot. It's brutal and bloody and gritty! It rules! If you like action, Vikings, a bit of blood, a slight spot of magic and complex plots, then get a hold of this. ― Book Geek Says

'A blistering debut novel ... the mix of Viking lore, war and sorcery very appealing' Geek Planet Online. ― Geek Planet Online

'A fabulous debut and a gripping read ... I didn't want it to end' Fantastical Librarian. ― Fantastical Librarian

'A very interesting and exciting story that was hard to put down. 5 stars!' Night Owl Sci-Fi. ― Night Owl Sci-Fi

'An action-filled book with a heart stopping plot and adrenaline fuelled battle scenes. 10 stars' Fantasy Faction. ― Fantasy Faction

'An impressive debut and an engrossing tale that really shouldn't be missed' Speculative Book Review. ― Speculative Book Review

'It's something new both stylistically and subject-wise (fantasy-lite Vikings written by one of their descendants), and certainly if your fantasy reading is starting to feel a bit samey you should give this one a go' Mark Lawrence, author of Prince of Thorns. ― Mark Lawrence

O autorze

Snorri Kristjansson was born in Iceland and is a writer and a teacher, as well as a stand-up comedian, actor and musician. He currently lives in Edinburgh with his artist wife. The Valhalla Saga, his Viking fantasy series, and The Helga Finnsdottir books, his Viking historical/crime series, are all published by Jo Fletcher Books.

Szczegóły produktu

  • Język ‏ : ‎ Angielski
  • Miękka oprawa ‏ : ‎ 384 str.
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 178206334X
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1782063346
  • Wymiary ‏ : ‎ 14.1 x 2.4 x 19.8 cm
  • Recenzje klientów:
    4,2 z 5 gwiazdek Liczba ocen: 42

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4,2 z 5 gwiazdek
4,2 na 5
42 opinie/i z całego Świata

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5,0 z 5 gwiazdek 1 part historical, 2 parts fantasy and a long ship full of blood
Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 19 marca 2014
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4,0 z 5 gwiazdek A different “Viking Story”?
Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 2 lutego 2014
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5 użytkowników uznało opinię za pomocną
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Miss Jane Magnet
5,0 z 5 gwiazdek Beautiful and brutal, the saga begins in fine style.
Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 2 lipca 2014
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Amazon Customer
5,0 z 5 gwiazdek Great story teller
Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 6 marca 2018
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5,0 z 5 gwiazdek Vikings Ho
Opinia napisana w Wielkiej Brytanii dnia 2 września 2013
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